Journal Entry: Christopher C Hodges-11/23/2023

Journal Entry

Wednesday I received my application from the Library of Congress to copyright my book yesterday and was very exciting plus after hearing all the positive feedback from the reviews of the people I let read it, it’s looking like I might have a best seller lol well I’m praying. I will turn this book into a stage play then hit the big screen with hard work and determination. Working has never been a problem with me it is finding like-minded people who are willing to put in the same amount of effort and work to complete a goal. One goal leads to another, never stop building, never stop showing those who are watching a way to succeed. Lead the youth to a positive path and become the leaders you need on that positive path.
Tuesday I was offered a marketing position for a company trying to reach the age group of 18 to 25 as soon as I return to society but I would rather start my own marketing company and provide a service of satisfactory work for a list of clients who need marketing and promotion. I accepted the offer so now I have to research the demographics, geographic and psychographics of that area to find a target market so I can complete a strategic plan to execute for their financial / company awareness gain.
I love to work, I have been like this all my life business is business there’s something about staying busy that excites me, work work work and more work. Building brands that will provide an economic increase to surrounding areas and growth of sales gives me joy. I like to see people win. Yes, you must have the structure but you also have to have a solid foundation because without a strong platform, companies will only last a short period of time. I’m looking to build future-shaping companies that will guide those who come after. Prison reform has missing elements, yes its purpose is to change but the human tools are missing. The machine that was built and that’s upgraded every 6 months to a year has the views of those from higher seats looking down who are just adding to what’s already designed. Certain elements need to be implemented for it to be successful and the nonprofit I’m putting together for my area will be a great help when I return and push this issue. Living this prison life gives you another set of eyes and shows you the mental state of people going through this. There are a lot of mistakes being made that no one can seem to fix and the blame is passed on from one to the other but who suffers is the prisoner, the family of the prisoner, and the community the prisoner came from and going back to.
I let a person read my book who just so happens to be an actor from the show POWER and he wants to be a part of the project, you never know who you will bump into that’s why it’s always good to remain humble and be yourself. The cast I’m putting together will electrify the screen and the music for the soundtrack will be timeless. Well just updating my page and venting so now it’s back to work for me, back to my desk in my cell until it’s time to go to my prison job. You have to do what you have to do but always keep GOD first and pray. Life is what you make it. Oh, have to call my family today it’s Thanksgiving man I miss those family gatherings and meals.