Journal Entry: Christopher C Hodges-08/04/2023

Journal Entry

Being away from home for 4 years has given me a new vision on life, one that shows the people who are really in your corner and those who are watching from a corner to see what happens next (spectators/opportunists). The same people who tell you it’s all love or through the hard times most of them will not be there when you need them. I had a conversation with a person the other day who has not missed a phone call from me in 4 years and everytime the prompt tells us it’s 1 min remaining I tell them thanks for answering so they finally asked me why do I say that and I replied with because just hearing a familiar voice helps me get through these prison days. The phone call is free well until your 500 min run out per month but all someone has to do is press 5 to accept it’s not like they have to pay for the call but when I was out in the world I couldn’t get them to stop calling me for advice, help or assistance for trouble times now the phone just rings smh. The few people I call always ask do you need anything and I tell them just you answering the phone is enough. This journey has been a rough one but a lesson learned and returning to prison is not an option, building my life with GOD and surrounding myself with like-minded people is the goal.