Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-07/26/2023

Journal Entry

Staying centered,

Today is my day off, I use this day to rest my feet relax my brain, and read. I love talking to my family, mainly my daughter and my grandchildren. I find comfort in knowing they are anticipating me coming home. I look at it as a second chance I feel I owe them so much, I owe myself so much. This is why I will continue to build myself mentally and physically, I have begun to change my eating habits, I know that the foods that I put in my body also have a bearing on my mental health and vice versa.
I exercise daily if it is nothing more than a 15 min walk and meditation. When I walk and meditate I am often thinking about what life will be like on the outside, I picture my family, business, my relationships in the community, and yes even my love life as a complete me. I picture all of these things working together to give me a fulfilling life. By having this a goal I stay centered with the constant thought that I must continue to learn how to make all of this possible.