Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-11/12/2023-Conflict and Adversity

Journal Entry

I love to read Michael’s daily Journals and I too write journals sometimes on PPT site, but mostly in my notebook.

I have a great challenge, at work here in the kitchen there is this guy who is starting to be aggressive to me and I am beginning to feel uncomfortable yesterday he said that he thought about hitting me, I am grateful he decided not to. I know no matter my situation I have the right to be free from violence, and others have the right to be free of violence as well. I want to say something to someone and I know I should, yet I wrestle with the thoughts of being labeled a snitch. I know in this new life I am seeking to live, it would not be called snitching but me exercising my rights, but I am in prison and after whatever choice I make I will still be in prison, I am just seeking the best possible outcome.