Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-10/27/2023

Journal Entry

Oct 27, 2023
Today like most mornings I watch the news on CNN and this morning a man by the name of Leroy Walker Sr. was grieving his son Joey who was shot to death in Lewiston Main while at work as a manager in a Bar. What touched me deeply was how much love the father showed not to his son for most men would have a great love for their sons but for the shooter, it was with the understanding and level of forgiveness Leroy showed that touched my heart as I held back tears as even the newscaster that was facilitating this interview was. Leroy said I can not hate this man if you were to ask his mother about him she would love him. What touched me most was when he said I can not have hate it will only lead to more people hurt.
We need a world with more Leroy’s. If we push the Leroy’s away we are doomed. I strive to be more like Leroy, his story is encouraging and it fills me with grace and love.
Let’s keep Leroy and his family in our prayers.

Christian Shelton