Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-10/26/2023

Journal Entry

I am a cook in the food service department here at Thomson, and I have been working for almost five months now and my pay or grade of pay has not changed although I am very efficient at what I do and I was feeling unappreciated because of this I felt my time and work would be better rewarded, and after giving it some thought I went to the education department and ask to volunteer as a math instructor, I was offered an ACE class that comes with pay. I went back to what I love most teaching I get the most fulfillment out of helping others learn because I have learned to be the best student in class and as a result I learn much, not only from what I teach but from the students. They help me see things in me that I would not have noticed alone. So now I have two jobs and feel more empowered because of this, correction I will have two jobs, I first need to come up with a lesson plan and a schedule.
In sum, I have turn what at first I had seen as a set back to an opportunity.

Christian Shelton