Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-10/24/2023

Journal Entry

For my Journal: The Challenge (a time I felt unprepared, how did I overcome it).

I was truly not prepared for this prison sentence, when I was out and moving pot around my city, I thought that I was prepared for a prison sentence, but I never expected a sentence of 240 months (5 yrs.). It took me for a spin and when the crying and spinning was over I was left with a decision, what will I do with this time? or as the saying goes will I do the time or let the time do me? I decided that I would increase my learning and build my spirituality and build a strong foundation of family and friends and information that could assist me upon my release.

A first while in the Allen County jail I thought bible school with that thought that maybe God would have mercy on me, well He did but the judge didn’t the fact is I needed to convince the judge that I deserved another chance and I had non of the required prerequisites for release. I have been working ever since to acquire them and now with PPT I will be able to will be able to put this final nail in this coffin called inadequate preparation.

I have been working on the book sent to me by PPT called release plan guidebook 2024.
for the first time since I complete my first prison sentence in 1998 I have something designed to assist me with the specific need I will have upon release and challenges I will face when returning to society. I the past there were several programs that touched at surface of the obstacles men and women face upon release, but fell far short of achieving the desired goal to properly prepare an individual for success after doing a prison sentence. I think for the first time there is a service and program designed by an former inmate for inmates that is now nationally known and easily available to access.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity, I will take full advantage of this team at PPT and the materials that are provided like my life depended upon it, because it does.

Christian Shelton