Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-09/21/2023

Journal Entry

September 21, 2023


I have been contemplating on what to journal, I have different experiences everyday, and yet I am not sure on exactly what to write in my Prison Professors Talent Journal, It is different when I write in my private journal, and then I remember being encouraged to be transparent and at the same time to keep in mind my audience.

Today I write about a term I read and was reminded about when I read the book PPT sent me on writing a release plan. The book is Seven Habits by Covey and there is a chapter called seeking to understand then to be understood. I deal with this dilemma of a criminal history and the person I have become over several prison sentences and years of growth and this past 3 years since the pandemic has given me a new perspective. I want people especially those who have power over my liberties to see me as I am and not by my prison sentence, I want to be understood. So after some reflection, I asked myself how can they see me any differently and this is why this platform is so important to me.

The other day I was having problems with my voice recording on the phone to make phone calls and I went to the dorm manager to assist me with fixing the problem and he had a very negative attitude and I felt uncomfortable speaking with him, so I asked him why did he seem to be irritated with me asking for help and his response was I am so I told him that I don’t want your help then, and that was not true I did want and need his help not just for the phone but for as long as I am to be here he is one of those people I will need to add to my tribe as described in my writing a release plan book by PPT.
So I have decided to put my pride to the side and write him an apology letter describing how important he is to me and that I understand frustration in a place like this and could we move past our previous meeting so that I may receive the assistance I dearly need. I will update you on this.

Christian Shelton,