Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-09/09/2023

Journal Entry

Last night I got my “Creating a Release Plan book” from PPT/Non-Profit and I must admit I am very excited.
I have come to realize that I am the kind of person who needs structure. I am more productive when I have things like books, especially self-help workbooks like the one I received from Michael’s Non-Profit.

For the past two weeks, I have been feeling off-centered, it has been like I have been just moving about with no real goals, and just waiting on my out date. This book I have just gotten will help me readjust.
I am not sure exactly what I want and I know this is not a good place to be mentally.
I know I want to be free, successful, and happy.
Just what these three really mean I am still figuring out.
what I thought three things meant is not what I want them to be.
It is time for a readjustment in my thinking.