Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-08/15/2023

Journal Entry

Constant Encouragement,

I have gotten accustomed to reading Michael’s daily journals and they offer me perspective on the journey ahead and confidence that I will overcome the obstacles that I currently face. By reading these journals daily I want to be a part of the process that will help liberate men and women that have been and are dealing with the effects of lost liberties by the hands of America’s justice system.

I have come to the conclusion that the road ahead is not an easy one, it is not paved, and only a few have traveled it.
I not only want to be a part of the change, I know it is my calling. It makes no sense to me to not fight against the very thing that has taken so much from me. I understand my error of a criminal lifestyle, and I also understand the bureaucracies surrounding the profits of my lifestyle by those who prey on my ignorance and lack of recourses. This is why I equip myself with tons of information and I seek constantly to build recourses and the greatest of those are people. This is why I am eager to be part of Prison Professors Talent.