Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-07/29/2023

Journal Entry

Making the most of my time and resources.

So I have printed out over 10 of Michaels’s Journals and have started studying them like a textbook, I am finding them very encouraging and motivating, I have told my daughter and two friends about my signing up for Prison Professors Talent, and informed them of the already benefits I have gotten from them. I am getting a sense that I am making a difference in life and that my time in prison will not be a waste. Now I am eagerly waiting on the workbook for life after prison. I am over halfway through my sentence and I need all the information and resources available to me to ensure I have the best possible chance for success, which I am seeing as a roadmap to righteous living.
My definition of success at this time is living my passion in the best possible way, that gives back to people in a way that positively impacts their lives.