Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-07/27/2023

Journal Entry


Today I went in to work on my day off to help make lasagna. Well, it was one of my co-workers another inmate who I thought was very negative that I even told him that, well today he surprised me. There was a comment made by an officer that we have not been through much yet, and I said ” I lost my fiancee to liver failure, got 20 years in prison for marijuana, I found out my grandmother died the day of my arraignment, lost my house, my son has 65 yrs. in prison and my daughter has three baby daddies. So the “negative inmate” said God has a purpose for you. You have all the right to be bitter and you are humble and kind, that is God working on you, for a purpose and I told him you are the first person to minister to me in a long time and I had to hold back tears, that was just what I needed to hear.