Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-07/24/23

Journal Entry

Yesterday I spoke to a young man while at work as a cook here at Thomson. We talked about investing and particularly in Real-estate. He also spoke on his vow to never turn to crime and in our case drug dealing to support himself. For so many years I would flirt with the idea that somehow I could sell drugs in a smarter way and make a lot of money fast (how insane right), and one day what my friend Chris would say to me sunk in “You only still consider those outrageous thoughts because you just don’t know enough”. This is why learning and education have become so important to me. Although I have learned to benefit from my time in prison it is not a place I want to ever return to except to reach back to those men who will use resources and encouragement. I have given up so much as a result of my crimes come November 19th I will have completed 11 years of incarceration years that I could not see my grandchildren and children grow and learn. My mother is aging while I am away. I now see how I can give back to the communities I have hurt by my drug dealing, by reaching first the men who are returning back to those communities and also the ones that are still in those communities who have had their turn with the justice system, those who struggle to find a way to do things productively.
like I always say, I will be most successful in becoming to others that which I needed most.

  1. Mentorship.
  2. Safe space to learn and grow.
  3. Someone who truly understands the path that is being taken. (because I have walked it).
  4. A second chance, two or three in my case.
  5. A format for success.

These are the things that I am developing and I hope to find resources that will help me accomplish my goals.