Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-03/20/2024

Journal Entry

The lessons you are giving on cryptocurrency are interesting, years ago I could have invested in Bitcoin and today I would be a millionaire. So now I am learning through these lessons to avoid the very same reason I did not invest in Bitcoin in the past lack of knowledge, I was not comfortable investing in something I did not understand.

I do believe that the different types of digital currencies are going to be useful and widely used in the near future.

Just like it was with the emergence of the internet, very few families had a computer, and even less used the internet matter of fact there was dial-up, which allowed users to go online through the regular phone lines in their homes and businesses. This service rendered the phone useless while online. now it is almost impossible to find someone who does not use a computer in some way. Now with almost every type of purchase and deal or transaction involving the internet, the only logical step would be these more private online digital currencies with emphasis put on private, hence the term Crypto.

So to answer the question more clearly the versatility of the different types of altcoins gives the market more push with competition which makes any economy thrive but at the same time gives the users options which are attractive to a consumer or investor, but beware of too many options the system could become clogged or junky and this is unattractive.