Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-03/07/2024

Journal Entry

I have been having problems with getting centered, meaning creating and sticking to a daily routine that will continue to move me in the direction of success. I have defined success for myself and I have come to the conclusion that success for me would be; leaving prison with the ability to confront any challenge I am faced with. Build and manage a successful Real Estate business. Pioneer a non-profit that deals with housing, education, and other essentials that individuals need when leaving prison. My vision for this non-profit is that recidivism with complete participation from participants would become nonexistent. I also want to deal with housing and helping individuals start businesses. I truly believe that Education, access to resources, and steady income combined with purposeful living is key to reducing crime, strengthening our communities, and leaving a better tomorrow for those who come behind me. These are the issues that my non-profit is going to deal with.

Christian Shelton