Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-02/28/2024

Journal Entry

When I was serving time in Pekin FCI, I tutored a GED Class where I would make lesson plans, teach lessons, and give and grade tests. When I noticed a student who was struggling to grasp the material but wanted to succeed I would dedicate my time to give additional teaching outside of class, this resulted in several students getting their GED’s. One student sticks out in particular by the name of Israel Momodu. What was exceptional about this student was that he spoke several languages including English and Swahili, knowing several languages can be a plus but when it comes to learning the fundamentals of the second language can be challenging as it was with this individual. He also had problems in learning advanced math. The amazing part was that his level of commitment to get his GED. We studied together daily, he did all of the lessons and even took the time to do extra work and then have review it to check his progress. Needless to say, he got his GED in half the average time it would normally take a new student with some educational background to pass the test.

This student would always thank me, he showed a lot of gratitude and I feel thankful to have had him as a student.

Christian Shelton