Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-02/28/2024

Journal Entry

I once felt very overwhelmed at the time I went to trial, I really did not overcome it, but I was able to bear it.

I did learn something very important at that time, being fully informed would have been a great advantage. I was able to convince the judge to give me a below guideline sentence, with the combination of a brief filed by my attorney and my allocution speech where I highlighted my change in mindset, by first showing that I took every available program and class offered during my 4 1/2 hears of incarceration before sentencing. What I learned most was that to accept the fact that I had broke the law and accept the responsibility of my actions in a timely fashion would have been of great advantage to me. Instead, I was prideful and bullheaded thinking by being “strong” my troubles would go away. I was wrong.

It is best to quickly accept responsibility for errors that I have committed and in that way, I will be able to rebuild all the more faster.


Christian Shelton