Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-01/29/2024

Journal Entry

Critical Thinking Question:

Response: 1/29/2004

Tribe of mentors for me would be valuable tool. I have always wanted someone to get good advice from. For so many years I did not know what to do or the next step to take, even now I at times struggle with decisions on knowing what is the best next step often leading me to take no step at all. A tribe of mentors or even a mentor would help me to encourage myself to take a step in the right direction. I have found a mentor here. The writings here on this Platform (PPT) has been a tool that I utilize in mapping out my future, I know that in the future the people here are going to make a team that will change the way America sees the transformation from Prison to success. There will be a spoken value in men and women who are working to change there circumstances through education and a well drawn out and executed plan.

Simply put, a tribe of mentors would be the go to for me upon release, this is something I greatly need something I have never had.

Christian Shelton