Journal Entry: Christian D Shelton-01/21/2024

Journal Entry

Response to the question of the day,

“Why should a prospective employer open an income opportunity for you, rather than a person who does not have a criminal conviction?”

Answer- In my time in prison I have learned how to overcome obstacles, learn from mistakes of not only myself but that also of others, I have also learned to benefit from the successes of others. I have read over 25 books on the subject of business. I am eager to prove first and foremost to myself that my time in prison has not been in vain. I will make you money because I am definitely going to make me money. I learned a lot about networking and building a business prior to my incarceration, yet I was definitely in the wrong business (selling drugs), many of those same habits and principles still apply. I have learned how to build a business that not only will benefit me but many others. Yet besides my knowledge on the subject of business and my determination to be successful, what I believe is most valuable about myself that will be most beneficial to a possible employer is my ability to learn. I live to learn and not only to learn but to teach what I have learned to others for this is my calling.

Christian Shelton