Journal Entry: Charles Howard Jorenby-11/07/2023

Journal Entry

I am starting my third week at FPC Duluth. Still in admissions and Orientation, but now there are a few guys who have started after me. We are still in lockdown at night, and I’m uncertain how long this will last. I have no doubt it’s all related to some of the contraband that was found recently. According to the other people here, this happens from time to time. It’s unfortunate that others fail to see how their actions have an impact on others. Of course, I’m sure that my family and friends would be able to say the same thing about me, given the choices that I have made. I do hope that this will be the only time during my incarceration here.

I’m still looking at finding a job. I’ve been to the education building, thinking they’d benefit from having someone willing to tutor with the GED students. I do know that I need to find something to keep my brain active.

Sleep has been somewhat problematic. There is reluctance for me to continue my meds for RLS as one of them is apparently not on formulary. There may be some flexibility in that decision, so I hope that we’re able to resolve it soon. The doctor I saw in the virtual session thought there would be.

I have found some comfort in finding the poem that Nelson Mandela reportedly gained some resilience. The last stanza of which is, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

The reality is that no matter what is happening around me, I and I alone am responsible for how I respond to it. And in that, I take comfort.+