Journal Entry: Charles Howard Jorenby-02/27/2024-18 Weeks

Journal Entry


Well, as of today, I have been here at FPC Duluth for 18 weeks. During my time in this unique and unusual experience that I have put myself in, there are a few things I’ve learned.

Courtesy flushes are a real thing. When you have 40 or so guys using the facilities, you’d expect some tolerance and understanding with normal bodily functions. However, that is not always the case. you’d be amazed how quick the reaction is when a courtesy flush is not executed the moment some flatulence shows up.

TV Rooms are very political. Most dorms have three: a white room, a black/Hispanic room, and a Hispanic gang-affiliate room. Do not make the mistake of being in the wrong room. And the white room can be even more political, with more “senior” guys claiming select spots. You will be asked to move if you are not in the right spot with the right chair for your seniority level. I don’t spend time in the dorm TV rooms.

The divisions are the same in the chow hall, but there is less concern about specific seats as long as you’re in the right general area. That is also where you’re most likely to find folks who will have your back, which is an absolute necessity for surviving an environment like this.

Having a few folks that will have you’re back is critical to sanity. Someone to cross-check the rumors and speculation that shows up on “” is valuable. Otherwise the “what if’s” “mostly trues” “did you hear about….” can make your head spin.

Boredom is a mind killer. It is a chore to make use of the long gaps between structured and unstructured time. I’ve developed some routines for the weekend, as that has the most unstructured time. So, Saturday is laundry, track time, and movies in the chapel. This past weekend we watched the old “Ten Commandments” film with Charlton Heston. The one that use to be shown every year on broadcast TV around Easter time. Sunday is personal chapel time in the morning, afternoon movies, and evening chapel.

Time is measured by meals. The meal rotation is a five week cycle. Only evening meals actually vary (starting at 4:45 PM). Breakfast and lunch is the same for each day of the week, ie; Monday – Oatmeal, Tuesday – cold cereal, Wednesday – oatmeal, Thursday – cold cereal, Friday – oatmeal, Saturday – oatmeal, Sunday – grits.

The best education opportunities are for those who need a GED. Beyond that, not a lot of options. The self study courses are basic high school courses, so I’ve been taking them as a refresher. So far so good.

The Commercial Drivers License course can get me to pass the written test, but there are no options for doing the behind the wheel component. But doing some driving will be my most likely route once I leave incarceration.

So, thought I’d just give a general update and say hi.

Blessings to you,