Journal Entry: Billy Marcum JR-09/09/2023

Journal Entry

Journal 8 16 thru 831 and Sept 6 thru 9

As I review my journal over this period, I continue to work toward a release plan as of 9/8 I received the Release Plan workbook and it is really helping me to work through the process. Each day I work through books and currently working through the Psychology department here in the community on handling certain mental changes I need to make to help me work and retrain my thought processes and building a positive attitude toward release, however long or short that might be. I have also, spent time working on books of successful people, their attitude and techniques, which there will be more in my book report. Plus as on the 7th of September I received the Earning Freedom book of Michael Santos and have started reading that as well as other suggested readings. The heat here has been crazy, since our Cells have no AC. many days it is hard to concentrate, because the heat, but I work through that. As of today the 9/9 the heat broke and it is a lot more tolerable. More to come as I work through the Release Plan.