Journal Entry: Billy Marcum JR-09/04/2023

Journal Entry

This is something new for me. Journaling is something I do about jobs and work needs, not about my daily activities.
So I have combined August 1 through the 15. These days in the FCI Community I am in have been extremely hot. Our units have no AC and the Texas heat has been a killer this August. But through that, I have found ways to cope. I have taken classes and begun the work to develop my skills for working toward a positive future outcome. On several days it was just reading, to meeting people in the community, and hearing their stories. Also, I will work with a psychologist to understand my decision-making process and deal with Grief, Regret, Anxiety, remorse, and fear. Working to understand my personality of being a “People Pleaser” and mental health. Now I understand in this new day and time why we now hear of athletes taking Mental Health days as a form of healing and recovery. One day I read a brief from the physiology department of what work burnout really does to you mentally and physically. But I am now progressing to developing a plan of positive action.