Journal Entry: Billy Marcum JR-02/29/2024

Journal Entry

Dear Journal,

Prison Professors

Today I received back over three envelopes of letters and Release Plan sent to Prison Professors. After review it appears they never cleared and the address was not correct from my side to Prison Professors. But that has not dampened my spirts because I will continue on. The good thing is that my Bio is in need of upgrading and my Plan is needing a rewrite anyway.

Today, has been better. I always look forward to the updates from Prison Professors and Mike Santos. That is the power that keeps me positive during this period of Incarceration.

One thing I have done is gone back and read Mike’s book on Earning Freedom. This is the 3rd pass through the book and now can relate better with points that he makes in his writing of this book. I have highlighted areas where he is giving you insight to his action, which relates to the power of self advocation. Again this morning the prison, though be it a low, reminded me I am in Prison. It would be easy to slip into the institutionalization that many have taken up. I remember a quote from Napoleon Hill, I believe. “What a Man’s Mind can conceive it can achieve”. A very successful friend of mine always says “You are either Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotten”.

Thanks to Prison Professors team and the Santos group for keeping us behind the fence in your thoughts, prayers and efforts to aid us to look at our future after release. Also, to work diligently toward self improvement, to show people incarcerated can change and be successful additions back into the world.