Journal Entry: Billy Marcum JR-02/27/2024

Journal Entry

The emails from Mr. Santos and Prison Professors have kept me focused on my working through incarceration and the challenges, of work to be patient and respecting the time it takes for things to happen inside the fence.

Today, I read where a Dallas Company is preparing to start over the road Semi Trucks running on AI technology, in other words, no drivers. Semi Truck traffic is massive in the US, trucks weight over 80,000 lbs. The thought of no longer a need for drivers is truely a critical change for traditional companies and people. Through software, sensors, radar, and lidar these trucks will travel the interstates through out the US. Most of this company’s trucks will be hauling for Wal-Mart, Kroger, FedEx and others. The test models have been completed with shadow drivers, which is a human monitoring the truck as it goes between cities and is onboard the truck. They will now go without the ghost/Shadow drivers and be completely unmaned. This causes me to revamp my thought of my future when released in several years, hopefully in 10 or less. I can see all kinds of jobs coming out of this and without the human element the truck will no longer have to stop every 10 hours as required for current Rigs with human drivers. Wow ,I am even referring to me as human, not a person , what a change. What will this do to my commercial drivers licencse here in Texas. The State and Goverment does not have laws to address these types of long haul robots at this time. Some change in this area will be extreme in the next 5 years. From a legal acspect who gets sued if one of this trucks fails to stop at Railroad Crossing or a School Bus Crossing. While they will be on major interstates, that already have designated lanes for Truck traffic, I see cities not only having express lanes, like DFW and Houston have now but, Truck Express Lanes for remote operators etc.
Mr. Santos is right. AI is going to make large changes in the next 5 to 10 years, quicker than the Computer did and the cellphone.

Question: What do I study to be ready for this future for employment and life outside the fences and walls when the day comes to Re-enter the world?