Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-09/28/2023-End of the Road

Journal Entry

It’s been quite a journey but it’s finally come to an end. This has been a learning experience for me as well as an awakening moment. I had the chance to get to “know me” and know about me. I allowed myself to expand my knowledge and get in touch with my inner-self. It was much needed. Although I have been grown for quite some time, I needed to mature mentally. I needed to realize what being a man of integrity was. I had to see the responsibility I was eluding, in order to recognize the responsibility I needed to tend to. I am so thankful that I had this opportunity but I hate that I had to travel down this road to recieve it. Oh well, we have now come to the end of that road and must turn down another one. I’m ready to see where it leads!!! 12 more days…Touche’