Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-09/21/2023-Easy

Journal Entry

It’s so easy to do the right thing. It’s definitely easier than doing the wrong thing. To do the wrong thing, we have to hide, duck, maneuver, and go through all sorts of extremes to accomplish our goals. But to do the right thing, all we have to do is, do the right thing. Get up every morning, go to work, pay our bills, mind our own business, and stay in our own lane. The reward isn’t always fast in coming but when it comes, it’s worth the wait. You also don’t have to worry about losing what you’ve gained. The robbers aren’t likely to know when you got paid, the police don’t want your paycheck because it was a portion of drug proceeds, and most jobs come with added benefits. It’s so easy to do the right thing. I’ve tried everything else…And, 19 days from now, I’ll be back to doing the right thing. The right way! Be looking out for me, I’m on the way!