Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-09/18/2023-Recognition

Journal Entry

In my seminars and mentorship, I tell a lot of the guys that they have to recognize who they are. I mean, how can you represent something if you aren’t living up to it. We have to be the change that we want others to see. I continuously state that everyone in our lives has created in their minds, the standard for at which they see us. If you lie a lot, in their eyes you are most certainly and always will be a liar. The same applies if you are a thief, a jailbird, a cheater, or whatever. No matter how much you say you have changed, this is how they visualize you. You know you aren’t that person anymore but they have a standard in their minds of who they have always perceived you to be. To them, you can’t be anything more. We have to recognize who we are and start conducting ourselves as this changed person. Regardless of what they think or how they feel! We have to break through that “glass ceiling” and reach our highest heights. It takes self-recognition. I recognize and realize who and what I am…In 21 more days, the world will too! Be blessed.