Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-09/07/2023

Journal Entry

I remember posting on my Instagram and Facebook one time a quote that I realized to be the truth. It goes, “When we stop chasing the wrong things, we give the right things a chance to catch up with us.” As I wrote that, I visualized myself running for a long time and looking back. I didn’t know what was behind me but I could sense something or someone back there. However, in front of me was a good time, drugs, and all sorts of things that I thought I needed. No matter how much I ran behind those things, I could never get enough of them. So one day I stopped chasing that stuff and I started meeting people who didn’t party, didn’t do drugs, and lived real lives. The kinds of conversations we were having were refreshing, intellectual, and productive. We get so caught up in life and try to acquire friendships, notoriety, and ill-gotten riches, and lose focus on what really matters. I am so thankful that God has put the right people in my life now. He has equipped me with the knowledge on how to obtain success without having to worry whether or not I am going to lose that stuff. Today, I realize that the things that I was going through were preparing me for what I am about to embark upon now. I can truly say that I am ready. The right things have caught up with me.