Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-08/31/2023-Boss or Bozo?

Journal Entry

At my seminar, I asked the guys to raise their hands if they considered themselves bosses? So many hands flew up that I thought they were trying to raise the roof. So I said, “Put your hand down if you are in a gang.” A large number of hands went down. I then instructed them to put their hands down if they didn’t own their own homes, didn’t have a vehicle, a bank account established, or own their own businesses. As I begin to explain to each of the individuals who put their hands down, a boss is the person who is in charge or runs the orderly operation of things. If you are in a gang, you are following someone else’s structure. If you work for somebody else, you are following their rules of organization. The same things apply if you live with someone, or don’t have your own money. You’re not a BOSS, you’re a BOZO homie! Just because you’re the biggest clown in the circus, doesn’t mean that you are running the show. No, you’re just a big clown! In order for us to “Boss Up”, we have to get our priorities straight, set some goals, formulate a plan, and establish ourselves in the proper manner to become the Boss of our lives. We have been clowning for so long that we have become complacent in all the things that we accept as mediocre. We begin saying things like, “I just want the simple things in life.” Or, “Too much of something isn’t a good thing.” Who told you that? God says that we can have the desires of our hearts, so why wouldn’t we want the best that life has to offer? Stop being a clown all the time and take life serious. Step out and from behind the ringmaster and take control of your life, Bozo!