Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-08/23/2023-Preparing For Success After Prison

Journal Entry

Tomorrow will put me at a month and a half left to do behind bars. I’ve seen so many guys become anxious at this point however, I am calm but ready. My expectation level is priming up as each day passes. Not what I expect others to do for me but what I expect to do on my own. I have been conditioning myself for these very moments for quite some time now and I know what must be done. Although I have been out of society, I have kept myself current on all things relevant to succeed in today’s world. I have planned for the adversities and have devised a method that will ensure that I establish a “backup” plan for every plan that I make. All my moves will be calculated, weighed, and well thought out. Of course, sometimes impulse and spontaneity will be called for. In those situations, I will play it by ear and accept it as it comes. Life works itself out if we let it. Every now and then we just have to make adjustments or “tweak” it so the desired outcome is achieved. So as I go to bed, I pray that tomorrow comes with new thoughts and refreshing ideas. True, everyone isn’t going to be receptive to my movement or ideology, but I’ll make due. What other choice do I have???