Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-08/22/2023

Journal Entry

One thing I realize as prepare for my return to society is things aren’t going to always go as I plan them. As a matter of fact, it’ll probably be that nothing will go as I plan. However, I must continue to move forward. Let’s face it, nothing is perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect plan or perfect situation. We just do our best to get as close to perfect as we can and make do with that.


Life is not perfect
and it never will be.
I’ll continue to strive,
even if it kills me.

To arise from downfall
and face my fears.
To overcome sorrow,
without drowning in tears.

Challenge adversity
and bounce back from loss.
Correcting behavior,
without being lost in the sauce.

Relationhips aren’t perfect,
but we charter a course.
If things don’t work out,
we can’t do it by force.

Everyone has a choice,
their own point of view.
Through moderation and respect,
we decide what to do.

Of course they’ll be pain,
headache and strain.
We still have compassion,
and allow love to reman.

We are not perfect,
making mounds of mistakes.
Ripples of decisions,
that turn into lakes.

Change streams through our heart,
and influences our mind.
Consumed by emotion,
we are sometimes blind.

Some don’t see vision,
perception is missing.
Can’t hear instruction,
even though they’re listening.

Nothing will ever be perfect,
no where near close.
We still take the chance,
dose by dose.

Medicating the wounds,
attending the bruises.
Mending the scars,
evasion is useless.

So we embrace what hurts,
to make life worth it.
Although we give it our best…
it’ll never be perfect!

Written by: Anthony L. Johnson