Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-08/20/2023-The Living Testimony speaks…

Journal Entry

So, it’s a known fact that I write poetry and spoken word. It’s my way to express my thoughts and feelings and project them to the world. It’s also designed to capture the crowd at the seminars and groups I hold in here. This is the one that I will do today. Enjoy:

-What I See in the Mirror-

As I stand and look inside the mirror,
my vision becomes clear.
I slowly start to realize,
the reason that I am here.

Designated to lead,
those who are designed to follow.
Teaching them today,
what they can see tomorrow.

The experiences that I’ve face in life,
the mistakes I cannot hide.
All the wrong turns I’ve taken,
nominates me as the guide.

Cause who better to lead the way
than someone such as I?
Who has been to the very cliffs’ edge
and did not fall and die.

Oh, I’ve fallen from the highest heights
and climbed out of the deepest of lows.
Ducking the shower and rain of bullets,
barely missing the holes.

Escaping the stab wounds for my back,
guarding my head from bust.
Gaining the wisdom of understanding
by doing whatever I must.

Chasing the knowledge I needed to survive
and curb me from deception.
Aware of when to stand firm or move,
only through mere perception.

Peripheral vision with third eye-sight,
glimpsed from a birds’-eye-view.
Tunnel vision when amongst the crowds,
singling out the few.

Hearing the whispers from so-called peers,
not intended to pass my ears.
Standing in place beside the elders,
wise beyond my years.

Too smart for my own good
but ignorant enough to be bad.
Rebellious against the ones I loved,
leaving them torn and sad.

Suffering misfortune, turmoil and loss
all at a pricey cost.
Being a follower, wanting to lead,
while stating that, “I am the Boss!”

The pattern was set when the cloth was cut,
before the mold was made.
My life would’ve taken a different turn,
if only I would’ve behaved.

“It was not in the cards,” was Destiny’s cry
as Karma staked her claim.
No matter the talents and skills possessed,
I was eluded by fortune and fame.

The ups-and-downs, the ins-and-outs,
so I could teach this lesson.
All of the curses cast upon me,
disguised as all of the blessings.

Looking in this mirror, I see the marks and scars
that life has placed on me.
All a testament of a life well-lived,
by the living testimony….

Written by: Anthony L. Johnson