Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-08/18/2023-Change

Journal Entry

My topic for this week’s seminar was change. I had to let the guys know that the change is complete. If I decide to cut my hair off, I now have a different look. I may be the same person but I look different. If I decide that I am changing my life, I have to let go of all the negative behaviors, criminal thinking, disruptive attitudes, and poor character traits. I can’t continue on in the way I was living and consider myself “changed.” A lot of the time, people put on a front or try to “fake it, until they make it” and end up just faking it. They have been faking for so long that they’ve fooled themselves. They can’t even see the wrong that they’re doing. Even when it’s been pointed out or identified! Their justification statement is, “I can change overnight!” Listen Beloved, it’s been 4 years and you are still making the same mistakes??? YOU…have not changed. A caterpillar does not have wings and a butterfly does not crawl. Change is indeed complete.