Journal Entry: Anthony Lamar Johnson-08/16/2023-Thankful

Journal Entry

8 weeks! I remember when someone asked me how much time I had left and I said, “About 8 years left.” Here it is the 8th month (my birthday month) and I have 8 weeks left. Along this journey I witnessed so many people pass, get sick, come in with life sentences, or go crazy in here. Thanks be to God, I made it through this journey free of harm, and sickness, and still have the full use of all my limbs and mental capacities. If anything, my senses and perception have been modified to the highest level. I realize though that my journey isn’t finally coming to an end….No, no, no! It’s about to begin. I have a mission that I have to fulfill. I have made up my mind that I will be successful. That I will be an asset to my community. I will help others to find themselves and become prosperous as well. I have been blessed with the “jewels and tools” necessary to navigate through life. I am the Ambassador and the navigator. Designated to lead, those who are designed to follow. Therefore, I must be the change that I want them to see. Be blessed and enjoy your day!