Journal Entry: Anthony Joseph Beltran-08/09/2023

Journal Entry

I’ve been to prison in Montana high side and the low side as well as the SHU…I’ve been to prison in California 4 different prisons…I started as a convict and wanted my tattoos and my patches to show were I’m from and what I’m about and after all the time and all the work i put in and all the hey brother this and hey brother that I’m almost 50 turned 49 on the 2nd and everything I was taught is gone and out the window I lost family friends and my soul and when I caught this term at 44 and the judge gave me 13.4 years I just was like fuck it I’m going to be that wife left me and told on me and took everything I owned and the feds took everything else..I did not have a light at the end of this term..I’ve always known GOD to be by my side and I was tattooing drinking doing drugs and did not want tomorrow to come…then after I tattooed a guys last name across his back I was drunk and on pills and he was talking to his sister and she and I started talking and I know GOD put her in my life so I would want the sun to come up and I stopped drinking tattooing and I’m just not a convict anymore..I’m just a guy trying to see his children again and see his new wife before I die of old age or cancer or what ever happens…I’m the OG that everyone looks up to and all I want is to do more collage and do riotous stuff to better myself I’m going out to north Dakota to work in the oil fields and work and not get out with no money and asking my old friends for dope so I can start selling again and going state to state …I have no more chances I have no more terms left in me…I just want a bright future and I have an out date of 2031 I know I’ll be home in 2028 if the laws change like my lawyer says..the bottom line is I’m done doing this to my self and I want help to reform myself because before 200 dollars in gate money and they take out 75 for your bus ticket and say show up to the parole office tomorrow that is no futurethart is a disaster waiting to happen …so thank you for your struggle and paving a way for the men and woman that want this change…

With much respect… A