Journal Entry: Andres Alejandr Freyre-10/14/2023

Journal Entry

It’s been a while since my last entry. I’ve been steadily working on school and trying to keep my exercise routine going. I’m feeling better now after about a week of being sick. I think it was covid but I’m not sure. Other than that, I’ve scheduled my Final exam in Sociology with the proctor for next week. The education department has been very helpful with the few things I need to get through school and everything. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to take longer than expected to begin the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People class. I did a lot of preparation to teach it so I hope we can actually do it. The BOP has a reputation for doing everything very slowly and kind of keeping inmates in the dark about things and this is turning out to be something like that. It’s all good though. Even if we don’t end up doing the class, at least the time I spent preparing for the class was still a good brushing up of the habits and stuff. That is always a good thing to do especially with information like that. It’s very motivating and it’s good to refresh the memory of such things anyway. I have been also trying everything I can to make it possible to return home to colorado so I can continue the weekly visits with my family. I’m taking the Anger management class here and am on the waiting list for pretty much every other psychology class they have available. I have 12 security points so maybe soon I can drop down to camp points and go to either one of the two camps in Colorado. I just have to make sure I keep that goal in mind when making my decisions in here. I’ll post another update soon.