Journal Entry: Andres Alejandr Freyre-09/22/2023

Journal Entry

It’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry. I’ve been pretty busy and very active lately. Since the last journal entry, I’ve completed my Psychology 101 class. I haven’t got the grade yet, but I got my grade for the Intro to Literature class, and I’m proud of myself for getting an A in that. I also just finished the proctored midterm for my Sociology class. It also looks like the 7 Habits class that I will be leading will be starting in the next few weeks. And I also received all the class materials for 6 more classes that I signed up for. I’m happy that I’m actually making progress in school while I’m in here. I would have never thought that I would actually make a serious attempt at getting my bachelor’s and now my goal is a master’s degree and I can see myself achieving that goal. It’s hard to put into words what changed but I know there were many factors. I think my reaction to getting incarcerated was what has changed my life the most. Now the momentum from that reaction is what is propelling me forward.