Journal Entry: Andres Alejandr Freyre-08/14/2023

Journal Entry

We just got released from a two-week-long lockdown today. During the lockdown, I tried to stay productive. I finished the final 3 chapters of my psychology textbook and have one test and one paper to write before I finish the class. That will be another 3 credit hours toward my BS in Sociology. I also made progress on a short story I am writing that I will try to get published in the annual school magazine. Lockdowns are something that I don’t have much control over so I try not to concern myself with it for too long. I am human so the first couple of days are difficult because I’m so used to getting vigorous workouts everyday and locked in a small cell it’s difficult to get anything near that. Plus we only get showers once every 3 days so I had to adjust and tone down the exercise. I came to realize how big my normal exercise routine is in helping to keep me centered and filled with energy. I adapted to the lockdown and just focused on getting as much writing and reading done as I could while just doing a fraction of the exercise I’m used to. I will also be getting ready to begin teaching the 7 Habits ACE class in the next couple of weeks and I’m very excited to start. My next long-term goal to accomplish right now is to get to my next “team meeting” in 5 months without any disciplinary infractions and a few classes under my belt. This will allow me to get my security points dropped to Camp points. After this is done I can request a transfer back home to Colorado. The weekly visits I would have with my family when I was back at Florence FCI in Colorado were so good for me. I miss my family and am excited to continue to see them when I get back. I am focused on my goals and will not let anything in my control keep me from accomplishing them.