Journal Entry: Andres Alejandr Freyre-07/24/2023

Journal Entry

I’m just about to finish a book I picked up at the psychology department by a neuroscientist on trauma and its effect on the brain. In it, he advocates for trauma-informed care in all aspects of social care like law enforcement, prison, school, and mental health among other things. It was very good and I’ll be writing about it in my next book report entry. Besides reading I have actually started writing a short story. I received an advertisement from the College I’m enrolled in asking for submissions for publishing in the school newspaper. They said they accepted all types of writing and art so I’ve decided to write a short story. It’s a fiction about two inmates stuck in their cells in the midst of a nuclear explosion and their journey on freeing themselves and the decisions they make about the many situations that will come up. This is the first time ever that I’ve tried to write anything creative like this so I’m kind of nervous but pretty excited. I think this will be a fun project to advance my writing skills while I continue to finish my university courses on the path to my BS in Sociology. These writing skills are definitely going to be to my advantage when I release from prison. Also, finding enjoyment in writing as opposed to only writing because I have an assignment, is a total paradigm shift for me. I can already tell that I’m going to thoroughly enjoy writing this story and I’ve only started writing a few hours today. I also enjoy writing a lot of my papers for my classes, but this is totally different. It’s very similar to the enjoyment I get from reading. I think journaling on this platform and the huge emphasis I keep seeing on writing from the journal entries you guys send motivated me to do this writing project.