Journal Entry: Andres Alejandr Freyre-07/17/2023

Journal Entry

I received class materials yesterday in the mail for 2 Sociology classes that I signed up for with CSU Pueblo. I applied for a proctor with the education department today and will send all the required forms back to CSU tonight. I still have an English and rhetoric class as well as an Intro to Psychology class that I still have to finish as soon as I get my property. I am so grateful for my family’s support in my education. A quick note on this, when I first got to the BOP it was around the time when everybody was getting their stimulus checks because of the pandemic. I spent mine on the first four classes at CSU Pueblo and seeing that I was serious about school my parents made a commitment to help me continue my education, but even before that, they were pushing me to finish school. I had finally made the realization that I had to change everything that I was previously doing before I got locked up if I wanted a different outcome in my life. The grim statistics on recidivism made a big impact on me when I read about them. I saw somewhere that there was an 80% recidivism rate for federal offenders. I imagined gathering up 10 people at random and seeing 8 of them coming back to prison. I realized that in order to be one of those people that stay out I had to do things that 8 out of those 10 people were not doing with their time. So I began to take things more seriously and part of that commitment was to educate myself. I always thought I wasn’t smart enough to succeed in any type of higher education, but I made a serious effort and so far I’m doing pretty good. I also just finished a very good book by the name of Descarte’s Error by Anthony Damasio. I liked it because it tried to explain emotion and reason and these are things that have to do with the decision-making process. This process was so erroneous for me my entire life so I like understanding more about it and identifying my mistakes. I’m going to write a report on it tonight and post it tomorrow.