Journal Entry: Andres Alejandr Freyre-07/10/2023

Journal Entry

I’ve been reading the journal entries from Mr. santos and it never occured to me to document all my progress. It makes SO much sense how Mr. santos said that if we dont document it then we wont have anything to draw from when trying to get support from others. I wish i would have thought about it that way sooner. So, this will be my first entry. Tru lincs are expensive so im gnna try to keep them brief and they wont be as frequent as id like because my financial situation right now is not great. Anyways, thanks again for volunteering your time to help us out! You guys are give us hope that people actually care and doing something to help us. I cant thank you enough for that. I would like to help in anyway I can as well, so if you ever need anything or if theres anything i can do then please, let me know.

Journal entry 1
This is my first journal entry. I’ve been trying to stay busy since I arrived here at the new Thomson USP/low that the BOP opened up. I spent a few hours this morning at the library preparing a curriculum for an ACE class that I volunteered to teach. I was facilitating the 7 habits in Florence FCI, so I volunteered to do this ACE class so I can continue to hone my skills at leading groups and aligning with my principles of trying to become a better interdependent person. I think these skills will be valuable to me when I get released. And of course, if i can help someone go through an awakening and realize how to change their way of life then that will make it all worth it. I am aware of the time ticking away on the classes that I’m currently enrolled in at Colorado State University. Unfortunately all my class materials and textbooks are still in a box in my property at R&D. They’re doing what they can about getting people their property but with the BOP filling up this facility so quickly, there’s a huge backlog of people waiting to get their property. They can’t do it fast enough. I have been here 30 days yet I’m still not on the list for this week or next week. I went to speak with the R&D supervisor today at mainline and told him about my predicament. He was respectful, but as soon as I mentioned that I was enrolled in CSU’s Bachelor’s program I got such a dramatic eye roll that im suprised he didn’t fall over. I have been getting skilled at not letting these sort of things get to me, so I persisted and continued to explain that these classes had deadlines and that I would appreciate any help he could provide in this matter. To his credit, he said that if I could verify that with an email from the education department then he would work with me! I consider this a big win today. I am happy that I have been getting better at communicating to the point where I can explain myself in a persuasive manner that helps me be more effective in the results I get. I thank the 7 habits for those skills. Anyways, it is almost time for 4pm count. After dinner I will be meeting my buddy Curt in order to rehearse how we will be leading the ACE course that we volunteered to lead. Thats all for today!