Journal Entry: Alton Perkins-09/03/2023

Journal Entry

Title: I Am Not the President’s Son,
by line: Pentagon, Prison and Back (c) 2023

About the Book

My Country called on me three times. First, to serve in the military at the tip of the spear during the Cold War as a nuclear missile launch officer. Second, to provide China, “made in America” goods and services long before the current tension between USA and China. Third, to provide vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the most devastating world disaster in 100 years – COVID.

Each time I met the call.

As a young Air Force Officer, Commissioned by the President, I took a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Now, I wonder is it too much to ask that the same constitution protect and defend me and those that look like me?

This book is a controversial and riveting rags to riches true story of a young black boy from one of the toughest inner cities in America. Growing up in searing and stifling poverty, overcoming near unsurmountable odds. His achievements were uncommon. They were exceptional. Becoming a decorated nuclear launch officer, during the Cold War, he served at the tip of the spear in this Country’s deterrent efforts.

As an officer, he moved rapidly up the ranks to the halls of the Pentagon. Then later after living in China developing “made in America” programs, he served as a Chief Executive Officer of two small public companies. The Government in an emergency, called on him to provide vital PPE to help save lives during the COVID crisis.

Today, the former nuclear missile launch officer and disabled veteran who gave so much to his Country, finds himself an inmate in a Federal prison, caught up in this Country’s Industrial Prison complex. While other elites and pampered privilege, including the President’s son are given sweetheart deals and are allowed to walk free for the same offenses.

He entered Federal prison and is coming out of that Industrial complex with an even stronger spirit and most important, a commitment to ask questions about the mammoth cracks in America’s foundation.

The symptoms are there for all to see. Mass shootings that go unchecked and there seem to be no answers. The growing Industrial Prison Complex that is getting larger by the day. The apparent weaponization of the Justice system. The injustice and inequality within the system that favors the elite and the privileged. An Industrial Complex that allows inmates and their families to be preyed upon without much recourse. The massive invasion and overrunning of our borders with no solutions insight, and the trillions of dollars in debt with little fiscal responsibility, all are glaring cracks in America’s foundation.

The shabby treatment and stigma of those with mental health issues and the awful treatment of the Nations’ veterans and their families are examples of a system that is systematically coming apart at the seems. These are not just cracks, they are cosmic cracks in this Nation’s foundation.

The question becomes as a Nation how can we get back on track? Better yet, can we get back on track? As a country will we keep spiraling down into an abyss eventually exploding like some distant dying star.

As citizens – inmates and non mates, we must all ask ourselves what is America? What is America becoming? What is the heart and soul of America? What is becoming of this great experiment called America?

B. Here is the Information on the Book of Poems

Title: Pentagon Prison and Back – Book of Poems (c) 2023

20 Poems written while at Petersburg Camp

Poem#1 Weathered by Time

Poem#2 Insane

Poem#3 Line in the Sand

Poem#4 A Novel Solution to Mass Incarcerations

Poem#5 Three Fifty Seven Fifty – Dash Five Ten (35750-510)

Poem# 6 Jingle, Jangle, Click-ka-de-Clack

Poem#7 Greed is Good – Sometime

Poem#8 Hup, 2, 3

Poem#9 Night Walkers

Poem#10 Just be

Poem#11 A Price to Pay

Poem#12 I Am Not The President’s Son

Poem#13 Friend

Poem#14 Work to Do

Poem#15 By My Side

Poem#16 Standby Me

Poem#17 Just Another

Poem#18 Howdy Doody Clown

Poem#19 Pusherman

Poem#20 Here is a Plan for Contraband

All the above are Copy Righted (c) 2023


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