Journal Entry: Alexander Rene Holcomb-03/02/2024

Journal Entry

I just received today’s newsletter. I would really like to receive the new Digital Economy Course 1. First of all, again, I thank you Mr. Santos for the hard work, advocacy, insight and opportunity you are providing those of us who are incarcerated that want to actually have a fighting chance at a successful like after our prison term is complete. I work hard everyday to continue to better myself, take advantage of opportunities that become available and do everything I can to stay away from potential problems and situations that could potentially lead to my getting into trouble while I serve my sentence. Your critical thinking questions are great and here is how I would respond to them. I would consider myself an “IT” professional, a “geek” or “nerd” as some would call me. I have spent a great deal of my life behind a keyboard and have created a lot of successes because of the hard work I have put into my education and development in what I have learned. I started working with computers at 8 years old. That was around 1994, computers were not very main stream then but becoming a lot more popular and available more to the consumers around that time. By the time I was 12 years old I was coding and learning how to hack systems like AOL and certain department in places I shouldn’t have. As time progressed I became very good at understanding how money works in the digital world. The system created to support the digital future and how everything was moved onto servers and networks. I was on the front end of the curve when it came to bit-coin, lite coin and other startup crypto currencies as a lot of the sites I used to use only use them for payment. I remember when Bit-coin was less than 50 a coin. This experience I have had with these services have certainly helped my understanding how they work, their uses and definitely where and how it will be utilized in the future. For our future I see a digital economy changing pretty much everything that has to do with monetary transactions. Especially at the point-of-sale systems, bank telling, and others. I have read pretty much everything I can get that has to do with credit and crypto-currency as I believe it is very important to stay up to date with the latest technologies.

– Alexander Holcomb