Journal Entry: Alexander Rene Holcomb-01/30/2024

Journal Entry

Alexander Holcomb 19260-030
FCI Thomson
Thomson, Il 61285

Profile Update:

I just read your post for the day. I enjoy reading your post’s everyday. Although I haven’t submitted anything new to my profile in a few months, I want you to know that I am still working hard in my job, programming and taking advantage of every single opportunity I am offered while I am incarcerated. I would also like to tell you that your posts are very inspiring to me. I too made a terrible decision because of my addiction, having introduced two people that I knew that were selling drugs I was brought into a conspiracy that because of my introducing them and the way the conspiracy laws are constructed, that made me “culpable” for the drugs they were selling and I was given a 15 year sentence. I did not have anything to do with the drugs they were selling, only feeding my own addiction. I have since spent the 5 years I have been incarcerated taking advantage of every opportunity I am offered to better myself and achieve sobriety. I have been sober now for the entire 5 year term I have served and have never felt better in my life. Before I was sentenced and early on in my life I fell in love with technology and the way computers work at the very early age of 8 years old. I was coding and creating software at 14 and started a computer company at 18 years old. Unfortunately at the age of 17 I broke my back in high school football and the pain that left me in led me to a terrible addiction. Even though I never knew at the time that my use would lead to a terrible drug addiction I never lost my passion for technology. I plan upon my release to advocate for individuals that struggle with drug addiction and that end up having to serve time because of the terrible decisions that addiction often times leads us into. I have inherited quite a bit of land in northern Illinois and I would like to utilize federal grants to build a rehabilitation center on a portion of this property that I can offer some sort of federal sentencing alternative that I hope our judicial system moves into creating laws for in the future. I hear a lot of talk about how they would like to focus more on rehabilitation over incarceration and I believe a facility like this would be a great alternative to helping our system reduce recidivism levels and help people who are serious about their sobriety actually conquer their addictions to the drugs that so often times rob them of themselves and their potential. I appreciate everything you are doing and the work you put into helping people like myself who are absolutely focused on bettering themselves. I feel like this is the time that we finally recognize that their is an imminent need to change the way our system deals with incarceration and the destruction that it causes to everyone involved in the individuals lives that are sentenced to long periods of time. Thank you for your constant work. I hope that along my journey that I am put into contact with the people who can help my dream become a reality. I am not bitter about the time I was sentenced to, because like you may agree, I may never have had a chance to really focus on myself and the problems my addiction was causing otherwise. Out of great adversity can come great advantage. I plan on taking advantage of every bit of the positive opportunity I will manifest in my life. Thank you for your time, work and consideration helping all of us.

Alexander Holcomb