Journal Entry: Albert Glenn Hudson-My Why

Journal Entry

I spend an abundance of time at the computer while in federal prison. My paper, pen, and coffee mug are usually close by my side. I work in 30-minute blocks of time whenever I login to write before the government’s timer logs me out. Once the 5-minute mark hits, a large red clock begins the countdown and flashes across my screen until it hits zero. At that time, I have to be sure I’ve saved my current session. I log around 4-5 sessions per day, composing content for my manuscripts regarding boxing content and life’s philosophies.  Someone asked me the other day, why am I writing books?

My “why” for writing a book series for boxing, fitness, and philosophies is rooted to 3 foundational principles.

1. I have knowledge and experience to help individuals and groups of people around the world. I write books because it mentally connects me to people that I may never meet. Books allow readers to travel in my mind and tap into my frequency. 

2. Books allow a person to live through my lens of thought. Writing a book establishes credibility in my field, and lays claims to my beliefs.

3. I have a story to tell. I have  message that resonates with a broad range of human beings. I eat, live, and sleep for the development of life skills taught through combat sports. I have worked for many of the top companies in the world,and achieved some of the highest acclaimed awards for excellence. I understand the importance of self-development, reading, listening, observing, and having good mentors.

I’ve not always made the best choices. I’ve made choices that have had negative karmic consequences. I’ve made good choices that have been rewarded with the opposite. I understand that evolving consciously through “responsible choice” is the best choice.

I know what it’s like to be at the “perceived top”, lose it all, have my back against the wall, and come up swinging and clawing back to the “TOP” that really counts. The real “TOP” is built internally from the soul. As below, so above; As within, so without.

Do you reflect back on your “why” for the desires you embark upon?

Do you reflect back on “why” you are doing what you are doing?

Do you take the time to pause and listen to your inner voice that is trying to point you to your “why”?

I choose to write books because I owe it to myself and my family. Anytime I feel the loneliness of prison, I have written my  best content. I discovered the meaning of my suffering produces fruit that will enrich another soul. I consistently tell my wife, the content inside the pages of my books will have an impact on the lives it touches, and for that reason, I choose write. 

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