Journal Entry: Albert Glenn Hudson-Israel Defeats The Enemy: Exodus 17:8-13

Journal Entry

This morning during my “intentional” me time, I was spiritually guided to exactly where I needed to be. I’ve been doing a study in the book of Exodus, and my prayer this morning composed of 3 parts.  

1. Ask God to show me where I needed to be in the word.
2. Allow me to receive what I needed to receive.
3. Let the spirit lead me if a message needed to be written.

 Exodus 17:8-13
The 5 verses of this chapter pack a powerful punch. In short, this is a story describing a war like scene with “Moses” being the producer, and critically acclaimed award winning film director. Moses has strategically guided the people of Israel out from under the slavery dictatorship of the Pharaoh in Egypt. Have you ever been shown God’s amazing grace, and removed from a difficult circumstance or situation?

While the people of Israel were in the wilderness, Moses was made aware that the people of Israel were about to be attacked by the enemies armed forces. How many times have we been given warning signs ahead of troubling times before disaster struck? Did we prepare like Moses, or succumb to the inevitable that awaits? Signs proceed, they don’t follow.

Moses instructed “Joshua” to lead the front lines versus the enemy.  Moses commanded Joshua. Choose some men to go out and fight the enemies army for us. This shows the trust Moses had for Joshua in allowing him discretion in choosing the men he would stand toe to toe with in the trenches. Joshua didn’t ask for this fight, but he took action when it was needed. Moses added that he would stand at the top of the hill, holding the staff of God in his hand and guide him in victory during the fight.  

Have you ever experienced someone not being able to be there with you on the “physical battlefield”, but they are strategically guiding you spiritually, and mentally on your journey through your “real world life school?”

Have you ever had to rely on someone to provide you comfort, and an unwavering faithful belief that no matter how hard the battle may seem, you were going to be victorious? What appears in life as hard fights is really just an illusion designed to rip away at your faith.

It was written that while Joshua was fighting the physical war, Moses was atop the hill fighting with him spiritually. When  Moses raised his hands, the people of Israel had the advantage. When the hands of Moses dropped, the enemy took the advantage.

In the heat of the battle, Exodus 17:12 states, “Moses arms became so tired he could no longer hold them up.” The two men with him, Aaron and Hurl, found a rock that he could sit on. When Moses was sitting, his “friends” stood on each side of him, and held up his arms for him. Moses always had faith that he would win this battle. His forewarning, had him prepare who he would use on the physical earth school battleground to be victorious. Joshua was tasked with the assignment.

There are walking, living angels here on Earth that will help guide us on our path to enlighten. Sometimes in life we can only do all that we can do. When we try to do everything on our own, we will tire out. We can only utilize our “external powers” for so long before the “Energizer Battery” dies out.

However, when we connect the external batteries, with the “internal batteries” that lies within us, now we have become “multisensory”, firing on all collective forces that empower us to authentic power. Just as Moses relied on his companion to fight the physical battle, there was also a spiritual fight atop the hill where Moses was standing.

The illusion is that Joshua and Moses were separate while this battle ensued, but that’s far from the truth. They were aligned in mind, body, and spirit. The real battle was won atop the hill in consciousness with Moses. The real battle was won on the inside of Moses before any blood was shed on the battlefield.

The real battles and fights in our lives are always won internally, before the victory is seen in our “present reality”. A prayer granted implies that something is done in consequence of the prayer, which otherwise wouldn’t have been done. “Therefore, man is the spring of the action, the directing mind.”

It’s our job to have consciousness about our lives for the good and bad. Thinking that you can escape hard times or struggles in life is delusional. You can’t have one without the other. Good and bad are mere opposites of the same pole. The same thing that we perceive as really good, can quickly turn to something really bad.

At any point even with our loved ones and friends, our relationships can either be good, bad, or somewhere in between depending on where we are in our lives and the evolvement of that relationship. Good and bad are essentially identical, they only vary in degrees.

Understanding life’s polarities draws us closer to God, and helps build meaningful relationships with other souls. Whatever battle we face, use the biblical referenced figure Moses, and find strength in his wisdom, humbleness, and unwavering faith despite whatever illusion is dangling in your face pulling you here, and swinging you there.

Be like Moses and play life’s “fight game” with a high degree of consciousness and guidance that’s inherently inside each of us. Trying to find the power is trying to find power though external power. Stand in your present power. Stand in your “POWER OF NOW”.  Claim victory over the perceived enemy that tries to weigh you down into submission. Evil forces can “NOT” submit something that’s not there to be submitted.

Choose to vacate powerlessness and fear. Choose love and compassion instead. Make smart healthy choices when we are facing life’s battles. “A responsible choice is a choice that creates consequences for which you are willing to assume the responsibility.”

Giants “choose” to see opportunities no matter where they are. Choose to lead to your soul to authentic power. Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul.