Journal Entry: Albert Glenn Hudson-G.O.D.

Journal Entry

G.O.D. (Generator – Operator – Destroyer)

Many days, I find myself engaged in philosophical conversations on a plethora of topics, with a very special man in my unit whose name is Elohim. Elohim is a Hebrew word that means “God”. Most men in the unit refer to him as “E Class”, for short. The abbreviation hints to the classiness of his being. Elohim suffers from a rare degenerative eye condition that renders him almost blind. The condition is hereditary, and gets progressively worse as he ages. When the confines of this governmental facility releases him, he will have the surgical operation that renders his sight back in full. In the meantime, he’s help me to “govern – my – mental”.

Over the years that Elohim has been here, he has become an avid book scholar. He has a library of books and novels that supersede my library at home. His books show the signs of study, and his mind returns to me an understanding connected to the meaning of his name.

Through a conversation that began at the bathroom sink while preparing for the day, he casually used the acronym G.O.D. in the context of our dialogue. He stated the acronym to describe the “GENERATOR – OPERATOR – DESTROYER as it applies to our daily lives’. My mind instantly checked out from him talking as I was processing what he had stated. I said to him I am going to write about the acronym’s meaning to me. He curiously asked me what I was going to write?

G – O – D (Generator – Operator – Destroyer)

A “generators” main purpose is to change mechanical energy into electrical energy. As human beings, we are walking, living beams of electrical energy. Our job is to be conscious of the powers that we all possess from within. The force of our generators is dependent upon the confidence we possess with our minds. All things present through mentalism.

Our mind manifests our desires in the physical world. Our own personal “generators” are simply dependent on our “BEINGNESS”. It matters not what we say, it matters what we are being. I strive daily to remain conscious of the God given powers that I, along with everyone else possesses. These powers enable us to deal with, and overcome anything. Being is the energy. Being is the light. Being is the ultimate. Being is our deliberateness. Being is conscious, and conscious is “BEING”.

The “operators” job is to keep the thing in action; to have an effect. We have a task at hand every day to be the master operator of our lives. Every piece of machinery contains within it an “operational manual”. Essentially, anything that has been generated from our “generator” (God) that we use, comes with an operational manual.

The question to ask ourselves is, do we take the time to read the instructions, or do we try and figure it out along the way and disregard the instructions? “Sigs proceed, they never follow.” We are always given instructions and shown the way. Once we pass the sign, it’s in the rear. We don’t always get shown another sign.

I’m guilty of trying to figure a lot of things out on the fly. Sometimes this strategy works, but most of the time it leads to mistakes. Some mistakes costs more than others, but all mistakes cost us our time! Lost time is down time.

Trying to find our way can lead to discord and misalignment. If we take the time to pause, our “generator” (God) is providing the answer for whatever we are seeking. It’s never NOT revealed to us, we just have to “slow down” and read the manual.

A destroyer is a fast warship who’s main purpose is to destroy. We all contain this warship inside each of us. We have the ability to destroy negative ideas. We have the ability to destroy negative thinking. We have the ability to destroy anything that is not good.

One area, the “conscious human man” should NOT destroy, is the area of our feelings. Gary Zukav, in his book The Seat of the Soul writes, as we have come to seek consciousness through external power, “we have come to view feelings as unnecessary appendages, like tonsils – useless, but capable of creating pain and dysfunction.”

He’s simply stating that humans have placed so much effort at gaining power through “external” factors through things we can touch, hear, smell, taste, and see. We are so blindsided and deceived that only these external factors mentioned are the complete recipe. We have to “destroy” this single faceted mindset, and enhance our awareness with the “multi-faceted human consciousness mindset” that mixes the “internal factors” of understanding alongside the “external factors” of understanding.

The internal factors of understanding are intuition, insight, purpose, meaning, and clarity. These supplements help us in our evolution as human beings, when combined with our natural five senses. Destroy the entity that aims to numb awareness. Lack of awareness empties us void for compassion. Destroy the entity that aims to numb the intimacy we are supposed to have with our emotions. Lack of emotional intimacy, empties us void of the understanding that “fuels” our emotions.

The God in us, through the meditative state of prayer, can shoot down and destroy anything that stands in our way. Which weapon do we use? Ask, and our “operator” will show you the exact missile needed to conquer the enemy. The enemy was descended from the “generator”, so he’s a mighty strategist of phycological warfare. However, since he descended from above, he does not know all the ways of the true master.

The G.O.D. (Generator – Operator – Destroyer) in us is always for us. Each edge of the trinity is pointed and aligned for our benefit. Alignment of our mind, body, and spirit is what produces balance. The instant we become conscious of the balance, or become conscious of the imbalance, that’s the moment we become present.