Journal Entry: Albert Glenn Hudson-Circled Reality

Journal Entry

My wife and I read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson a few years ago. This Book of Fame is in our home library because of its impact on our lives. In a nutshell, it outlines the benefits of writing down and circling our prayers. I have endless circled prayers in my journal that have manifested into a reality.

Below is a personal prayer I wrote and circled on January 8th, 2023, three days after self-surrendering to federal prison. I circled both of these prayers when I initially wrote them. Three months later, reflecting on my navigational journey through my prison stint, I greatly enjoy seeing how God answers. My journal continues to validate why I’ve placed a check mark by these circled prayers numerous times as “complete.”

Circled Prayer for My Family:

“I ask to give my wife strength and courage through these times. I pray for both of our parents and all of our families and close friends. Please give them a strong mindset to handle the current situation. Give my family the energy they need to succeed. Give them hope and encouragement in their hearts and minds.”

Circled Prayer for Me:

“I ask for guidance on this journey. Help me deal with the pain and suffering I must endure for my mistakes. Thank you for providing me strength when I’m weak. Thank you for developing my patience. Thank you for showing me how to have a heart of love. Thank you for my awareness that God is love, and therefore love is in me.”

Refrain from letting the reality of the situation be the basis for your attention. Being in federal prison is my reality, but I believe in the Trinity (mind-body-spirit). Just because I’m not physically around my family and friends, my MIND and SPIRIT are ever so present.

Let the feeling of vibration guide us. I’m becoming cerebrally attuned. If something feels good, I give it my attention. I don’t look at it if it doesn’t feel good. When I use the word feeling, I don’t mean it from external factors, the five senses. The feeling I speak of is intuition, hunch, or internal guidance. The undisciplined mind finds it difficult to assume a state defined by the five senses.

There are those who say, “Glenn, you need to face reality.” I do it all the time. I’ve discovered through feeling that I’m making it my truth no matter what I’m talking about, facing, remembering, thinking about, reflecting upon, or conjuring up. I’ve just become a “selective sifter” of my existence.

The longer I hold on to the vibration I carry, that becomes my reality. I’ve become picky about the truths that I manifest in my experience. We all have the innate ability to create the object of our focused attention. “We can move mountains with our minds.”

I created the prayers mentioned above. The feeling that guided my thoughts was based on my spirit teaching me to write.

Each time I circled the prayers, it showed “my” intention.

Each time I circled, the prayer imposed “my” will.

Each time I circled the prayer, it reaffirmed “my” faith in the belief that God is working even if I don’t see it yet.

Each check mark I place within the circle is a prayer answered.

Over the last three months, my self-reflection shows the frequency I was brought back to the reality I created. Each check mark on my journal of prayers shows me how God is the governor of all and the sophisticated operator who architects all plans that can only point to him. Each check mark inside the circles shows my level of consciousness. It strengthens my awareness of how powerful our minds are at creating our reality.

What reality are you creating? What repertory of thoughts consume your mental faculties throughout your day? (this is your creative processing)

Is the movie playing out in your life the movie you want to watch?

What steps are you taking daily to tune into the still voice always present to guide us? How can you create your reality if you don’t know how your reality looks?

Those who don’t listen to their feelings and respond correctly to guidance will become followers. Following is the mindset of the unconscious human being. Life is a conscious game. Our lives depend on it. Our souls crave evolution to our Higher self. It’s the only real job we have!