Journal Entry: Albert Glenn Hudson-12/29/2023-TIME

Journal Entry

Time in prison can be a game changer. The daily struggle of being in prison for me feels as if I’m trying to close an open gunshot wound with a bandage. Nothing stops the bleeding except for consistent effort of facing the pain head on and searching for the meaning of my effects. Then and only then am I granted access to the operating room to go under the care of the master surgeon, “The Creator”.

Everything that exists must be utilized. Especially the energies of pain and fear. I am on a continuous journey to learn how to master the craft of digging into these craters & tracing their archeological ancestry.

Arteries are used to carry blood away from the heart. Veins transport blood to the heart, and their design can only be given credit to the master creator. There is tremendous power in our circulatory system. Once we are comfortable using the “Veins Of Our Soul” to supply the answers we seek, we will no longer be afraid to travel the road to recovery with disregard of the fear of detonating bombs that seek to detour us off our path to light.

I am faced with a daily choice to hate the situation or redirect my anger to that of an optimist. Each day I find myself refocusing my attention like a monk in his chamber. Thinking, planning, meditating, and executing my plans on paper consume my mind.

Time in the Bureau of Prisons is not set up for justice, so if rehabilitation is to be found, then it’s up to me.
I enjoy being a student of life. I find joy being a student of self. I am joyful to be a deliberate creator and a wisdom seeker.

“The sayings of the wise are like cattle prods. The words of wisdom are like firmly embedded nails.” Our creator prods us along our path just as workers prod animals to keep them heading in the right direction. Words of wisdom stick like tips of a fish hook. Similar to nails driven into wood, our creator’s words of wisdom are fixed and dependable.

I understand that time is a flip if I invest it right. Setbacks setup for my comeback. Time has my body, but it can’t lock my mind down. Bad choices happen, and causes some to break, but time has developed me a steel plated mind that won’t bend under pressure through my deliberate efforts.

Time rotates clockwise, never in reverse, so why should I use it to focus on the past? I am not shy about digging into the old archives. Our past experiences are what create our karma. No matter how nonexistent past experiences seem in the present, they all count because those experiences were dress rehearsals for either a positive or negative karmic obligation that has to be paid.

Reflection is a quick glance, but with hard lessons learned, I’ve become a hoarder over my daily minutes, and consider each moment precious. Time on the phone with my wife, precious. Time on the phone with my kids, precious. Time on the phone with my boxing team, coaches, and, friends, precious. Time spent in the visitation room with all of the above, precious. Time spent completing books and planning for my future, precious. Time spent in solitude, precious. Time spent in conscious meditation, precious.

We can make any hurdle in life large or small as we see fit. In reality, it’s all about how we draw it up. The time I was sentenced to federal prison was not the length of the months, but it’s what happened within the time frame of those months. Within these months is on the inside. Not on the inside walls of the prison. But inside the walls of my mind.

Time will show birthed what I have brewed on the inside. I aim to be a beacon of light for others to use as inspiration to never give up. When life appears to throw heat-seeking missiles your way to destroy you, do not think your life is over. Learn the life skill survival maneuvers to help you to seek and destroy the pessimistic thoughts that try and insert themselves like a needle in your vein delivering a toxic drug.

Through time and consistent work, and being a disciplined disciple of your mind, your mental muscles will grow. Your brain tissue will form new fibers designed to stretch with greater elasticity, allowing you to take on more, take you to higher levels, helping you discover your new threshold. Your new 100 %.

For every action, there is an equal reaction. For every cause, there is an effect. We are either at cause or at effect. Nothing that has ever been caused is over until we have participated in the effect. Sometimes the effect takes time. It is our task to be the masters of our time, or time will hire us to be its master.

As time ticks, I tick with deliberate improvement. Time steals from you if you do not guard your life. Time heals you if you apply the correct “meditation” and the right application. I have worked incessantly on my life with the time I have been away. I have been a time subscriber of good nutrients that prime me for growth.

I look forward to returning home in 2024, hitting the ground running, and being a role model for others to see what you have the ability to morph into with focus, dedication, and a mindset that is steel-plated.